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- Christoph Baier, Startup-Challenges.com

About us

Changing consumer preferences, digitization trends and global competition mean that innovations are becoming increasingly important for long-term corporate growth and maintaining market share. But the best ideas don't have to come from within the company. A startup may have just the right approach to solving one of your existing innovation problems. Or you may have an idea, but lack the resources to make it happen. Startup Challenges enable companies to use external knowledge for concrete innovation projects and give startups the chance to implement their innovative ideas.

Our goal

Startup Challenges are a very good opportunity to bring together companies with concrete innovation projects and relevant startups. What significantly influences the success of a Startup Challenge? A Startup Challenge stands and falls with the quality and fit of the participants. However, the application period for an advertised Startup Challenge is often very tight at six to eight weeks. In this short period of time, the Startup Challenge must be discovered by suitable startups, the application documents must be compiled, and any queries must be clarified. Until now, startup teams have had to screen many different company websites and other channels for this purpose. In the process, relevant Startup Challenges can easily be overlooked or discovered too late due to the high effort involved. In the worst case, this can lead to highly qualified participants not taking part in the challenge. 

To address this problem, we launched the startup-challenges.com platform in May 2021. Our goal is to make concrete innovation needs of companies visible, so that founding teams or startups can present their suitable ideas and solution approaches and get to know possible project and cooperation partners. For this purpose, we offer a clear, transparent platform on which companies can publish their current Startup Challenges and startups can get an overview of the ongoing Startup Challenges at a glance.

How does the platform work? 

Our platform enables users to get a quick overview of current, worldwide Startup Challenges. On the start page, the current Startup Challenges are displayed, sorted by ascending application deadline. All important information, such as the title of the Challenge, the organizing companies, the application deadline and the region in which the Challenge is being held, can be found here at a glance. If you don't want to spend a long time searching through all the Startup Challenges, you can use the practical filter function. Here, the current Startup Challenges can be filtered by keyword, region, application period and topic. Via the button "Add a startup challenge", new Startup Challenges can be added. This is useful for companies and organizers who want to promote their own Challenge, as well as for innovation enthusiasts who have discovered a Startup Challenge that is still missing on the platform. We would be happy if you use the form to publish your Startup Challenges!

Please find a detailed description how to use the plattform here for startups and here for companies.

The platform is a project of Ambi-Vation GmbH, the bridge builder between medium-sized businesses, corporations and the public sector with relevant startups for successful collaborations and innovation partnerships. As the startup market is subject to constant change and growth, it is often not easy for companies to identify the best-fitting startups for a specific need. Either Ambivation or one of our partners can support you in finding top qualified startups for your Startup Challenge within a Startup Scouting or organize a Startup Challenge for you. Also as a Startup you are welcome to register in our form, so that we can propose you for exciting Challenges and connect you with relevant cooperation partners.

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